I love to move in and with community. I received my 200hr Teacher Certification from Yogamaya in Chelsea, NYC. I am also a certified Stott Pilates Instructor in beginning to advanced matwork. I teach with a sense of joy and humor combined with a strong thematic focus that allows for serious play and creative challenge. People often tell me that my classes feel like dancing. I trained on scholarship with the Dance Theatre of Harlem and danced professionally with Ailey II. When I am not on the mat at Namastuy, I am teaching at Fordham University where I am a cultural anthropologist and tenured professor in the Department of African and African American Studies. I can’t wait to move, breath, explore, and laugh with you!

Aimee Cox

200hr CYT, Stott Pilates Instructor, PhD

Beau takes a personal and individualized approach to teaching yoga, influenced by her experience as an instructor for 5 plus years. She guides students through an intelligent asana based on both breath and body awareness, that extends off the mat and will help you stay centered. Beau’s classes are accessible to beginners while challenging for intermediate practitioners.

Beau Dobrikov

200hr CYT, PCYT, Pilates Intructor

Influenced at a young age by her mother’s teaching of Buddhism while simultaneously practicing Western Medicine, Kendra sought other modalities of alternative healing. She began to study Eastern techniques and Chinese medicine. Furthering her education in the massage therapy program at the Swedish Institute along with completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training, Kendra has developed a keen awareness of the body and mind relationship. In order to find the appropriate treatment for the physical body, one must start by identifying the emotional roots deep within the energetic structure. Her massage style combines classic Swedish strokes and acupressure therapy as well as shiatsu techniques and eastern theory.

Kendra Brody

Licensed Massage Therapist

Kelsa teaches alignment-focused Hatha and Vinyasa classes, focusing on safe, dynamic sequences to inspire curiosity, confidence, strength and lightheartedness. You can expect a sweaty, deep practice that will help inform you about your inner workings and functional anatomy. Her classes welcome practitioners of all levels and abilities.

Kelsa Trom

200hr CYT

Analisa Baduria has returned to yoga again and again throughout her life as an unconscious way of releasing tension from the body, breath, mind and spirit. Drawn to the vibrations of yoga, the simplicity of self care through Ayurveda and a fascination in human interactions with ourselves and others, Analisa deepened her practice with Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, receiving her 200hr TT, Restorative and Hands On certifications.

Inspired by the movements of Angela Farmer and Martha Graham, Analisa offers an empathetic space where you can get interested in your body, allowing for a journey towards transformation. “Atha yoga anushasanam”, the time for yoga is NOW!

Analisa Baduria

200hr CYT, Restorative

Gabriella Carmichael is a yogi, professional dancer, choreographer, and social activist originally from Western Massachusetts. She began practicing yoga 10 years ago to help balance rigorous modern and ballet dance training, and went on to receive her 200hr certification through Pure Yoga NYC. Using research techniques similar to her background in cultural anthropology, her movement documents and discovers human possibility-rewarding an explorer principle of delving into uncharted territory. She taught children yoga for numerous years with the intention of instilling unleashed imagination and bodily awareness at an early age. She is proudly queer, and she teaches yoga to encourage radical self love and the discovery of courage. She believes in working hard and that the path towards joy is a winding road. She believes that light exists even when we can't see it. The first step towards healing is believing that it's possible.

Gabriella Carmichael

200hr CYT. Yoga Nidra

Hi! My name is Linzi Silverman.

I am an intuitive energy healer, bodyworker, tarot reader, yoga teacher, and meditation + empowerment leader. I am a walker between the visible and hidden worlds, pulling back the veil in all the work I do. I love to hold space for my clients to explore their own depths, heighten their intuition and get to know themselves. I welcome you to journey with me whether through mind, body, or spirit. Through our intuition we can connect to the universe, the energy around us, and our highest self.

I offer a variety of services and love how they inform each other about who we are and why we are here. Deepen your connection to self, heighten your intuition, and find healing and magic in the universe around you. I have seen the evidence of this work for myself and those whose paths I have crossed. I didn’t always know (and still don’t sometimes) where I’m going, but as I do this work more and more, I see the things from my past have always been bringing me to this work. I look forward to seeing what the future has to offer and hope that I can share it with you!

“Long story short; I am a mystic, a healer, an artist, friend, and explorer. My mission in life is to help others remember the inherent magic that we all possess.”

You can best find me on instagram @eyeofastro

Linzi Silverman

Thai Bodywork, 200hr CYT

200-hr RYT® trained with Julie Dohrman, Shaktiyoga New York at Bend and Bloom Yoga in Brooklyn. This training is an alignment and vinyasa flow methodology with an influences from Anusara Yoga. He currently teaches yoga with the YMCA of Greater New York City and several studios throughout Brooklyn. He strives to provide challenging classes that engages and empower the students.

Thai James

200hr RYT

I began my yoga practice in 2011 as a stressed-out college student and like many people, came for the workout. I surprised myself when I began to find a deeper relationship with my practice, realizing that yoga's spiritual and physical renewal was essential to keeping me centered and whole. In Fall 2016, I took the plunge and completed my 200-hour teacher training at Yogaworks in NYC while working full-time, studying under Laurel Beversdorf and Jessica Blake. My priority is to create a safe and enriching environment, where my students truly tune in to their own practice. Alignment, breath, and mindful progression are key tenets in both my personal practice and in teaching. I support these tenets with sequencing that focuses on creating awareness of the body and mind as my students move throughout life.

Andrea Lynch

200hr CYT

I graduated with my 200hr TT certification from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center. Prior to finding yoga, I trained in classical ballet and modern dance. My own yoga practice began in college under Tara-Marie Perri of the Perri Institute and has been fostered by incredible studios and teachers throughout the city - such gratitude to live in a city with so many amazing yogis and I am thrilled to be able to give back now through my own teaching while always digging deeper as a student. I teach a vinyasa flow class with fun, clever sequencing and a focus on alignment. Promoting an anatomically safe and healthy practice by offering direct verbal cues and facilitating graceful transitions. I also love finishing class with a restorative pose or two to leave students feeling open and grounded.

Kayla MacFarlan 

200hr RYT, Trauma Informed Teaching

I believe in the raw power of yoga to transform, empower, and return us to a sense of aliveness. Yoga lets you experience individual victory through respecting and overcoming important personal boundaries. I intend to share the inspiration I receive through my practice everyday, in hopes to create a positive transformation for someone else.  I received my 200hr YT Certificate in Hawaii through Peak Beings Yoga School and am also certified to teach Yoga Trapeze, Trauma Informed and Restorative and Yin Yoga.

I believe in the raw power of yoga to transform, empower, and return us to a sense of aliveness. Yoga lets you experience individual victory through respecting and overcoming important personal boundaries. I intend to share the inspiration I receive through my practice everyday, in hopes to create a positive transformation for someone else.

I received my 200hr YT Certificate in Hawaii through Peak Beings Yoga School and am also certified to teach Yoga Trapeze, Trauma Informed and Restorative and Yin Yoga.

Lisa Hakim

300hr CYT, Sound Practitioner, Founder & Director

I have struggled with my weight my entire life…my mom was dragging me to Weight Watcher’s when I was 10. I’ve gained and lost large amounts of weight over the years but have never managed to keep it off for any longer than a few. At the start of the New Year 2017, weighing well over 300lbs and being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, I realized I needed to do something to gain control of my health and make permanent change. In order to do that I would need to try a different approach from all of the other times I had embarked on an over 100lb weight loss. One that didn’t focus on every little calorie or bite of food that I was putting in my mouth, but on my inner self and why it was that I kept repeating this cycle. I let go of the idea that I had to kill myself in the gym and decided I would take a gentler approach. I drove by Sacred Studio in Bed Stuy every day for 4 months before I finally went in for my first class. Once I did, I quickly realized this was the answer for me and Vinyasa Yoga has helped me to change my life! I was of the mindset that Yoga was for skinny bitches in Lululemon, and that I could never lose weight or be fit by practicing yoga…I could NOT have been more wrong! As I did the work on my inner self, it started to show on my outer self…which is something I had never done all those other times I was dieting, exercising or just plain starving myself to be thin. Through the practice of yoga I have released 120lbs, regained my heath and found myself. In late 2017 I launched a wellness and lifestyle blog “This Curvy World” to authentically share my personal journey, create a space that promotes self-love and acceptance, body positivity and inspire others to live their best life now. As the blog gained momentum, I realized that becoming a yoga teacher would allow me to not only deepen my practice but my connection to others.

Margeaux House

200hr CYT