I love to move in and with community. I received my 200hr Teacher Certification from Yogamaya in Chelsea, NYC. I am also a certified Stott Pilates Instructor in beginning to advanced matwork. I teach with a sense of joy and humor combined with a strong thematic focus that allows for serious play and creative challenge. People often tell me that my classes feel like dancing. I trained on scholarship with the Dance Theatre of Harlem and danced professionally with Ailey II. When I am not on the mat at Namastuy, I am teaching at Fordham University where I am a cultural anthropologist and tenured professor in the Department of African and African American Studies. I can’t wait to move, breath, explore, and laugh with you!

Aimee Cox

200hr RYT, Stott Pilates Instructor, PhD

Gabriella Carmichael is a yogi, professional dancer, choreographer, and social activist originally from Western Massachusetts. She began practicing yoga 10 years ago to help balance rigorous modern and ballet dance training, and went on to receive her 200hr certification through Pure Yoga NYC. Using research techniques similar to her background in cultural anthropology, her movement documents and discovers human possibility-rewarding an explorer principle of delving into uncharted territory. She taught children yoga for numerous years with the intention of instilling unleashed imagination and bodily awareness at an early age. She is proudly queer, and she teaches yoga to encourage radical self love and the discovery of courage. She believes in working hard and that the path towards joy is a winding road. She believes that light exists even when we can't see it. The first step towards healing is believing that it's possible.

Gabriella Carmichael

200hr CYT

I graduated with my 200hr TT certification from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center. Prior to finding yoga, I trained in classical ballet and modern dance. My own yoga practice began in college under Tara-Marie Perri of the Perri Institute and has been fostered by incredible studios and teachers throughout the city - such gratitude to live in a city with so many amazing yogis and I am thrilled to be able to give back now through my own teaching while always digging deeper as a student. I teach a vinyasa flow class with fun, clever sequencing and a focus on alignment. Promoting an anatomically safe and healthy practice by offering direct verbal cues and facilitating graceful transitions. I also love finishing class with a restorative pose or two to leave students feeling open and grounded.

Kayla MacFarlan 

200hr RYT

Megan leads vinyasa, yin, and restorative classes, and you will likely find a little of each style intertwined into every class. She believes in a dynamic and personalized practice, incorporating balance, exploration of self, and stillness of the mind and body. Megan turned to yoga during her own personal transformation, and is fascinated by it’s ability to address anxiety, physical wellness, and any fears and blocks that hold us back. A lover of metaphors, she believes that how we act on the mat is how we act off of it, so our asana practice a great place to cultivate breath, strength, power and agility to show up more intentionally in the world.

Megan's teaching style is great for beginners, folks with limited movement, or people who just need to slow down.

Megan Cuzzolino 

200hr CYT


Arelle began her regular yoga practice 3 1/2 years ago, and has seen its profound effect on every aspect of her life, including as a singer & performer. The combination of breathwork, mindfulness, movement, and meditation is powerful medicine. Learning to breathe through discomfort, be present, and hold love and acceptance for yourself and others is life-changing.

Arelle loves to both nerd out about the specificity of alignment, as well as create a safe environment for students to open up and be emotionally present. Finding inspiration in chakras, sutras, ancient wisdom, and nature, she seeks to open up the senses to facilitate an awakening and reconciling of mind, body, and soul.

She completed her 200-Hr training at Daya Yoga Studio in Bushwick, studying under Meghan Conway, Ania Lesniak, and Liz Post. Her mentors helped infuse her Vinyasa practice with aspects of Kripalu and Hatha. She is a lifetime classical musician, with 15 years of operatic voice training, and received her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Arts from USC in LA.

Above all, she believes laughter and a sense of humor about yourself and the world is key!

Arelle Oberlander

200 CYT

Hiko Konami Is a certificated yoga instructor, reiki master and sound healer lives and works in NYC. For over ten years, she has dedicated her practice to understanding the inherent connection between the anatomical body, the interplay of its senses and the relationship to self-actualization and growth. She was born and raised Buddhist family in Osaka, Japan. As following her family, her Buddhism practice began at very early childhood. At age 4 she started study piano since then buddhism practice , meditation and music are always on the center in her life. She moved to NYC studied music and incorporate rhythmic movement method called Dalcroze Eurythmics at Lucy Moses School. Soon after she started practice yoga, receiving her 200 hr Yoga teacher training at Jai Yoga Arts, studying 100h yoga functional anatomy at Yoga 216, as well as her integrative sound and music certificate from The Open Center. Studied music as the healing tool, learned ancient wisdoms and science how to use and how to create sounds technically and scientifically. With great teachers from different background included as music therapist, psycho musicologist, ethnomusicologist, As a sound practitioner, she has been having many events with her owne, collaborate in public and private. Currently involving to mass meditation event "The Big Quiet" at several locations in NY and "Quiet Mornings at MOMA" She is also being assitant teacher at MNDFL Soundpractitioner Training 2017 with Sara Aurster.

Hiko Konami 

200hr CYT, Reiki Master, Soundhealer

Laura Bartczak is a dance and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She received a BFA in Modern Dance and Choreography in 2009, and continues to perform and present work throughout NYC. She has a 200 hour YTT certificate from Yoga Vida in NYC, and a Mindfulness Teacher Training certificate from The Lineage Project, which is geared toward vulnerable and at-risk youth. She is also a student of Qi Gong under Melanie Maar, and has been practicing for the past 5 years. She currently teaches group vinyasa classes, private yoga sessions, yoga and mindfulness to high schoolers, Qi Gong to dancers, and analog filmmaking through the non-profit Mono No Aware. You can find her films and photography at

Laura Bartczak

200hr CYT

Rachel graduated from the Swedish institute College Of Health Sciences NYC in 1995.
Hersessions apply a variety of techniques and modalities depending upon the unique needs of each client. Sessions mostly employ myofascial release and trigger point work but may also include Shiatsu/acupressure,  active and passive release, stretching, aromatherapy, hot stones and other modalities.
Whether you have a specific chronic pain pattern, are recovering from an injury or just need to relax body and mind, she is here to help you.

Rachel Wiener

Licenced Massage Therapist


Beau takes a personal and individualized approach to teaching yoga, influenced by her experience as an instructor for 5 plus years.  She guides students through an intelligent asana based on both breath and body awareness, that extends off the mat and will help you stay centered.  Beau’s classes are accessible to beginners while challenging for intermediate practitioners.

Beau Dobrikov

200hr RYT, PRYT, Pilates Intructor

Katie Skau received her 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 with Sacred Studio Brooklyn studying with Stephanie Battle and Dara Cole. As an artist, yoga gave Katie a new way to express creativity through movement and has brought her on a path of transformation. Always learning and forever a student, she hopes to share the gifts yoga has given her: love for yourself, the freedom to explore your body and mind, and an open heart.

Katie Skau

200hr CYT

 I believe in the raw power of yoga to transform, empower, and return us to a sense of aliveness. Yoga lets you experience individual victory through respecting and overcoming important personal boundaries. I intend to share the inspiration I receive through my practice everyday, in hopes to create a positive transformation for someone else.   I received my 200hr YT Certificate in Hawaii through Peak Beings Yoga School and am also certified to teach Yoga Trapeze, Trauma Informed and Restorative yoga. 

I believe in the raw power of yoga to transform, empower, and return us to a sense of aliveness. Yoga lets you experience individual victory through respecting and overcoming important personal boundaries. I intend to share the inspiration I receive through my practice everyday, in hopes to create a positive transformation for someone else. 

I received my 200hr YT Certificate in Hawaii through Peak Beings Yoga School and am also certified to teach Yoga Trapeze, Trauma Informed and Restorative yoga. 

Lisa Hakim

300hr CYT, Founder

Hello. Sean Terrence Moore here. Most of my friends call me Swan. Some call me Sean T. (Oh, by the way, the Sanskrit word for peace is Shanti. Universe and signs and shit, right???). I teach Power Vinyasa Flow classes set to music with the aim of creating an environment in which students can relieve stress and anxiety and tap into their deepest desires and truths. I incorporate yoga philosophy and the chakra system into my classes and firmly believe in the power of breath and moving energy throughout the body to reduce tension and emotional build-up. From my experience, yoga is the best antidote for depression and anxiety that I have encountered and it's the most powerful technique I've found to begin to feel a sense of self and live with intention and purpose. In short, yoga is the shit, and I'd love to share this practice with you.

Sean Moore

200hr CYT

Walda Laurenceau is a New York State licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) with national board certifications in acupuncture from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and is certified in clean needle technique by the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM). She received her Master of Science degree in Acupuncture from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City through a full-time four-year graduate program with an emphasis on classical Chinese medicine theory and protocol. Walda also studied western herbology with Peeka Trenkle at the New York Open Center.

She is a member of the Acupuncture Society of New York (ASNY), and the American Acupuncture Association of Oriental Medicine (AAAOM).

During her studies at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Walda founded TeaFèy Infusions, a local Brooklyn-based herbal tisane and tea brand focusing on “Tea For The Urban Lifestyle”. Walda created this bespoke tea brand based on her Haitian roots and a strong desire to personalize every cup of tea according to each individual. Walda incorporates East Asian medicine, Haitian (remèd) remedies, and her experience with western herbs and tea leaves to create custom blends for patients.

Walda Laurenceau

Licensed Acupuncturist